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    STEM for All: Why STEM Is Good for Everyone

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    STEM introduces a new way of thinking, teaching and learning.

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    Reimagining the Role of Senator

    The Senator role was designed so that there are individuals at the Chapter level dedicated to the position and engaged YEAR-ROUND in Regional and National Business. The time to elect your Senators is NOW! How can the 2014-15 National Senate re-imagine NSBE?

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    How Do I Prepare for Class?

    Part of being successful in college is utilizing class time to maximize your learning. Regardless of whether it’s a lecture, recitation, or discussion group, the class time shouldn’t be the first time you see the material. Here are some tips for getting ready for class.

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    Response to Former NSBE Member Charles Belk’s Arrest for ‘Walking While Black’

    One recent case of racial profiling, first reported on Facebook, hit very close to home: the arrest of Charles Belk, a current television producer and a former national officer of the National Society of Black Engineers. NSBE is poised and well-positioned for activism against these kinds of injustices, while we continue the pursuit of our core mission of achieving parity for blacks in STEM.

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    How Do I Make Critical Connections in College?

    To be effective, everyone in the group must be prepared to do work on his or her own. The working group should not be where you get most of your work done. You’ll never learn the material that way.

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    Can You Really Manage Time? Tips for College Students and Others

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    Our brains cycle through periods of high and low energy called ultradian rhythms. These fluctuations last for 90 to 110 minutes (Jensen, p. 49).

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    No Pain, No Gain: Get In the Zone

    Some students shy away from the zone and stay with easy work. They avoid embracing more difficult coursework because not knowing something is unnerving and uncomfortable for them. They’ll choose the mainstream math class because the advanced course is too painful.

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    How to Communicate with your Chapter as a Chapter Senator

    Attend Regional/National monthly meetings for the Senate or follow up with National/Regional Parliamentarians for information that was presented

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    The Voice of NSBE

    Senators play an important role in NSBE governance

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    Senate Training at RLCs

    As a Senator, you play a crucial role in facilitating a strong connection between the Chapter, Regional, and National levels of NSBE. Parliamentarians are here to make sure you get the training you need to fulfill your duties starting at RLC!