NSBE50 Announcement

Greetings! The run-up to the National Society of Black Engineers’ 50th Annual Convention (#NSBE50) has begun! Our 2024 Convention theme, “Engineering CommUNITY,” is drawn from our Society’s mission statement, and for the next nine months, each one of us — collegiate, Professional and pre-collegiate members alike — will play a vital role in transforming that phrase from buzz word to promise to real-world action.

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NSBE's Address to Florida Legislature

We ask that the Florida legislature join with NSBE and our many allies, and with other leaders of vision and conscience across the country, in embracing the true diversity, equity and inclusion that will make it possible for our nation to realize its democratic ideals and achieve its full economic potential.

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NSBE Stands with MSU and Region IV NSBE Members

It is with great sorrow that we reach out to you, once again, to offer words of support in the wake of a national trauma. The setting this time is Michigan State University, where three students lost their lives and five others were critically wounded earlier this week in another tragic incident of gun violence. Once again, we gather to mourn a fatal event made even more heartbreaking because of its impact on the young people who represent America’s future.

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NSBE Journal of Black Excellence in Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) CALL FOR PAPERS!

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for The National Society of Black Engineers' inaugural edition, the Journal of Black Excellence in Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST). The BEST Journal promotes awareness of engineering and opportunities for Black people in the profession, examines scientific discoveries and developments that immediately impact Black communities, and stimulates interest in various scientific and technical disciplines and careers of Black engineers.  

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NSBE Offers New Career Support Partnership For Members

NSBE is proud to announce a new partnership with Karat and its Brilliant Black Minds movement to give eligible members free opportunities to practice technical interviews, receive feedback, participate in career development workshops, study groups, and more with an aim to double the number of Black software engineers in technology.

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Diversity in STEAM Sits With A Trio NSBE's Leaders

Diversity in STEAM sits down with NSBE's Chief of Programs and Membership Rochelle Williams, National Chair Favour Nerrise, and CEO Janeen Uzzell to discuss the "new era of NSBE" and how programs have them well on their way to graduating 10,000 black engineers annually by 2025.

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NSBE National Chairperson Discusses Creating Tomorrow's Leaders 

Favour Nerrise talks about how the organization is helping to create leaders amongst their pre-collegiate, collegiate, and professional ranks through economic support, professional development, and mentorship opportunities and how she found her new "family" at NSBE.

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Driving STEM Excellence and Social Justice

Game Change 2025, the 2020–2025 Strategic Plan of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), reshapes the work of the Society’s mission to enable greater success in the coming era of social and economic transformation.

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Are you making what you think you are worth?

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NSBE Social Justice

A Call for Justice: We Shall Not Be Moved

Our community has experienced too many injustices that have been promoted by systemic racism and institutionalized oppression.

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NSBE Condemns Violence Against AAPI Community

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) stands with the loved ones of the eight persons slain and one person injured in the senseless shootings that took place at 3 metro Atlanta spas on March 16th. NSBE recognizes that violence against any community is a threat to us all, therefore, we join the nation’s Asian-American communities, and warriors for peace and justice everywhere, in calling for a thorough investigation of the motives of the crime and for the development and implementation of a national plan to stem the current rising tide of hate speech and hate crimes against Asians in the United States.

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