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Creative, engaging and interactive programs are the primary vehicles through which NSBE fulfills its mission: “to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.” In addition to focusing on community impact through College Initiative and Pre-College Initiative programming, we focus on our members through talent development and technical excellence programming.

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The NSBE Professionals Programs Zone is calling upon the membership, particularly at the chapter level, to develop innovative programs that will increase the value of being a NSBE Professionals member, help fulfill NSBE’s mission, coordinate and utilize professional skill sets and, most important, excite and fulfill your chapter membership. We hope to see the best of these programs eventually become regional and national programs! For program tool kits, check out our Resources page

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NSBE 47TH Annual Convention | The Holistic Engineer
NSBE 47TH Annual Convention | The Holistic Engineer

We are just years away from reaching our goal of graduating 10,000 Black engineers annually by 2025. That means it’s time to take a holistic approach at developing the next generation of engineers and enhancing the NSBE experience for all. We are excited to introduce to you NSBE47: The Holistic Engineer –  hosted virtually to bring together a showcase of the best of our talent, treasures, and more.

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Paula McCall | pebprograms@nsbe.org

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