Technical Outreach Community Help (TORCH) is NSBE’s signature community service program aimed to use our members’ technical backgrounds to positively impact the community.

TORCH is an umbrella program of NSBE which encompasses outreach activities that impact non-NSBE members and NSBE members alike, especially pre-college youth in the Black community. Although increasing membership may be a result of these activities, T.O.R.C.H. programs seek to provide services ahead of promoting membership. 

TORCH’s signature initiative includes A Walk for Education, A single day outreach activity aimed at encouraging youth to be better prepared for higher educational opportunities in STEM fields, and in general. You can access the toolkit for A Walk for Education here. 

Activities to support TORCH programming also include the following:

  • STEM Community Training – Formal classroom-style education in STEM fields aimed at both youth and adults
  • Informal Engineering and Science Education - casual outreach activities, targeted at youth, which aim to show how science & engineering can be fun.
  • Technical Expertise Services - Using our technical skills to provide a direct service to the community.
  • Traditional Community Service Activities - Any other type of community service: food & clothing drives, volunteering at a shelter, etc.

 To learn more about TORCH, please contact the National TORCH Chair, 

Community Improvement Initiative

The Community Improvement Initiative (CII) is a partnership with CE Corps that provides our members the opportunity to use their technical and professional skills to be agents of change in their communities. Members will be partnered with a community to provide a project that the community cannot fund but that will improve a situation or help fulfill a need with an engineering solution. The program will impact the lower-income and less fortunate areas that NSBE is part of, to expose members of those communities to all areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

Under the umbrella of NSBE’s Technical OutReach and Community Help (TORCH) program, we plan to serve our communities with love, compassion and kindness, to nurture the next generation to take our places. If you are interested in volunteering or know of a community that can benefit from this program, please take a look at the graphics provided to gain more information, or send an email to!

Community Criteria

This provides information to communities that are in need of improvement projects for their community but do not have the financial means to complete them.

Volunteer Process

This information linked below explains how to volunteer to be a part of the CII project team. This program is a great way to serve volunteer hours, add experience to your resume and learn from professionals, while being given resources to successfully complete projects! CE Corps Volunteer Process 

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