In the wake of recent, tragic instances of injustice in the U.S., NSBE has launched an initiative that will help our members and prospective members become more knowledgeable about social justice. 

R.I.S.E. is an acronym that stands for “Research and Development, Innovative Thinking, Social Emergence and Excel before the pressure.” 

  • Research and development will go toward making a difference in security and law enforcement technology being used in the field, in an effort to decrease fatalities and bring to justice perpetrators of unlawful acts of violence. 
  • Innovative thinking involves brainstorming on certain social injustice topics, discussions that will lead to the R&D process. 
  • Social emergence will give us the knowledge, wisdom and experience needed to potentially make a difference in our communities through education, civil acts platforms and practical applications. 
  • And last, “excel before the pressure” is the statement we will lean on to know that we will be prepared to take head on, with excellence, any and every situation that we face. 

This initiative will involve forums with law enforcement officials, lawyers, judges, etc., a chance to make a difference using technical skills for technological advancements; and opportunities to provide the tools needed to be successful in organizing different platforms.  Under the umbrella of NSBE’s Technical OutReach and Community Help (TORCH) program, we expect to see our minoritized brothers and sisters be educated on their constitutional rights, ask the questions that are rarely answered elsewhere, give practical knowledge to apply to specific situations and, most important, be the change we aspire to see. If you would like more information, please email to receive the interest form!

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