NSBE Jr. advisors are the main organizers of NSBE Jr. chapters.  The main administrators of the chapter, advisors are responsible for:

  • Providing a safe space in which students can learn, explore and grow, and holding chapter meetings one to four times a month.
  • Planning engaging events and activities for students to participate in.
  • Providing opportunities for academic enrichment.
  • Keeping parents and guardians up to date with chapter activities.
  • Sharing resources, scholarships and other opportunities with students and parents.
  • Creating and adhering to a chapter budget.
  • Attending monthly NSBE Jr. advisor webinars.
  • Maintaining communication with the NSBE PCI team. 

Background Check Policy

Policy Language

Background check screening will be required for all adults that interact with NSBE Jr  members. The background check will screen for child-related offenses, violent felonies, sexual offenses, and financial crimes (ex. embezzlement) committed within the last 10 years. Information discovered through the background check process will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating whether the applicant will be permitted to interact with NSBE Jr members.


If the background check for a NSBE Jr. Advisor or other volunteer reveals any disqualifying offenses, the individual will not be permitted to facilitate NSBE Jr. chapter operations or attend any NSBE Jr. sponsored events. If a NSBE Jr. Advisor is disqualified and the chapter has more than one advisor, the second advisor will take over that chapter. If there are no other advisors, that chapter will be disenfranchised until further notice (no funding support, no scholarship eligibility for members, permission revoked to use the NSBE and NSBE Jr. trademarks, etc.)

Begin Application


  • PCI Toolkit:
    Reviews NSBE,  PCI,  And NSBE  Jr.  use this resource for tutorials on "How to Become a NSBE Jr. Paid Member", "Start a NSBE Jr. Chapter" "Chapter Constitution Outline"

  • NSBE Jr. Advisor Guide: 
    Reviews in more detail PCI Programming, NSBE Jr  Programming,  All  NSBE Jr Competitions, Advisor NSBE Jr First Year Guide, Additional Links and Resources

Background Check FAQs

Click the link labeled Background Check Application inside of the Charter Chapter Application and follow the instructions. The process is simple.
Each applicant is responsible for the payment of their background check.
You can request to have your results sent to you by selecting “Send Me My Results” in the background check application. National background checks are completed within 24-48 hours. International background checks can take up to 2 weeks. However, keep in mind that receipt of your results does not mean you are qualified or disqualified. The decision is made by NSBE Chapter Charter and processing time is 15 business days.
If NSBE Chapter Charter determines that you are disqualified based on the results of your background checl.You will not be allowed to participate or receive benefits as an Advisor, Chaperone or volunteer of a NSBE Jr chapter. If there is no other qualified  advisor the chapter will be disenfranchised.
The background check screen is for child-related offenses, violent felonies, sexual offenses, and financial crimes (ex. embezzlement).
NSBE requires each applicant to submit a background check every 5 years.
All fees incurred for the background checks are non-refundable.
NSBE requires all applicants to complete our background checking processes.

Establishing a NSBE Jr. Chapter

To charter or renew a NSBE Jr. chapter, the following criteria must be met: 

  • Have at least five active (paid) NSBE Jr. members. National NSBE Jr. membership dues are $5 annually. A chapter may also collect additional chapter dues to cover chapter costs.
  • Have the following chapter executive officers assigned and active in NSBECONNECT. Instructions on how to assign chapter officers using NSBECONNECTcan be found here.
    • At least one advisor (Chapter advisor must be an adult. We recommend two.) 
    • President, vice president, secretary, programs chair, treasurer

If your chapter becomes inactive, log in to your NSBECONNECT account, and make sure that the above criteria are met. Once you do that, the system will automatically recognize your chapter as active.

Each advisor must have a profile in the NSBECONNECT system. If you do not have a profile, one will be created for you. Email membership@nsbe.org, and express interest in being an advisor for a specific chapter. A confirmation email will be sent once the process is complete. We encourage advisors to become NSBE members; however, it is not a requirement. 

Building Your Chapter


Chapter advisors are responsible for choosing their chapter’s overall area of focus, which can range from STEM competitions to field trips to academic enrichment. Once you establish your chapter focus and structure, you can begin to develop chapter activities. Here are examples of focus areas:

  • STEM Activities & Projects
  • NSBE Jr. Competitions
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Outreach
  • College Readiness and SAT/ACT Prep 

There are several more resources available to NSBE Jr. advisors.   For more information, download the advisor toolkit toda

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