National Leadership Institute

The National Leadership Institute is a year-round development and training initiative that takes place in six phases: Pre-Convention, National Orientation, National Transition Meeting, National Leadership Conference, Regional Leadership Conferences, and culminates at the Fall Regional Conferences. NLI is for leaders at all levels of the organization (chapter, regional, and national) and training serves to articulate linkages between specific leadership competencies; desired learning outcomes; and online and in-person curricula.  

  • Pre-Convention: Guided by members of the NAB, current NEB and REB compose their individual transition documents to ensure all information related to their position is captured for the year.  
  • National Leadership Orientation: The National Leadership Orientation (NLO) is open to current and incoming NEB/REB members and gives an introduction to NSBE leadership and organizational leadership. Attendees participate in team-building exercises and receive a high-level overview of their role and responsibilities as well as governance documents. 
  • National Transition Meeting: Building on conversations from NLO, the National Transition Meeting (NTM) provides incoming leadership the opportunity to strategize with former leaders and to begin goal setting for their upcoming term. The National Transition Meeting focuses on team-building exercises, introduces NSBE leaders to the parliamentary procedure for conducting business, and ensures new leaders are familiar with the routine areas of their position. 
  • National Leadership Conference: The National Leadership Conference (NLC) is the longest and most comprehensive of the leadership training meetings. At these meetings, leaders from the NEB, PEB, and REB are responsible for preparing and presenting detailed plans for their time in office. This meeting also covers archetypes of leadership and effective communications strategies. Upon conclusion of NLC, NEB members would have trained regional officers in preparation for them to train their chapter officers at the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC). 
  • Regional Leadership Conferences: Regional Programs Chair leads Leadership Competencies Training for all Chapter Presidents, Vice Presidents, Academic Excellence Chairs, and Program Chairs. 
  • Fall Regional Conferences: Regional Programs Chair vets Leadership Programming at FRC through National Programs Chair and WHQ Programs to ensure that leadership competencies are adequately covered. 

NSBE NLI Fellows Program

The NSBE National Leadership Institute Fellows Program, formerly known as the NSBE Shadow Initiative is here to serve as the premier leadership development program for NSBE members.

The NLI Fellows program will provide participants with the chance to get FREE leadership Training from October until April, while diligently working around each participant’s need to focus on achieving excellence within their academic studies.

This year, the program’s first and foremost purpose remains the same, which is to serve as an avenue for NSBE collegiate members to gain deeper access to leadership executive board positions within the organization. The program’s intent will be to inspire leadership and cultivate each member’s keen and innate potential for life success all in the hopes of allowing their success to in turn directly influence growth and prosperity within NSBE as a whole. 

NSBE Career Academy

The NSBE Career Academy (NCA) will take collegiate members through a learning journey in their pursuit of STEM careers by deploying sophisticated and multi-layered webinar curriculum, sequential programming, and intensive career advising. This three-part learning journey includes a: webinar series, in-person events, and one-on-one career coaching. The overall goal of the NSBE Career Academy is to provide foundational, developmental, and character-building assets that will complement participant technical acumen with valuable career planning resources. 

 The objectives of the NSBE Career Academy are as follows:

  1. Understand one’s own leadership propensities, strengths, and weaknesses, and formulate a plan to develop the areas of weakness while leveraging one’s strengths
  2. Translate goals and objectives into, and managing a project plan using the latest tools and proven project management practices
  3. Prepare and give compelling formal and informal presentations to influence audiences by understanding best practices and techniques
  4. Design and implement an integrated marketing and branding best-practices for personal branding and development
  5. Understand effective, appropriate business communication and how to receive feedback in a workplace setting
  6. Maintain high academic excellence while most effectively and efficiently managing responsibilities and personal needs by learning how to set, schedule, and manage priorities. 

For more information about the National Leadership Institute, please contact the NLI Chair, 

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