The Pre-College Initiative (PCI) Program is the focus of NSBE’s effort to promote college, academics, technology and leadership to pre-college students. Our primary goal is to encourage students in grades K–12 to develop interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The mission of PCI is to lead the world in enhancing pre-college students’ academic, technical and leadership skills, to maximize their success in life. The vision is to establish PCI as an incubator for our youth, where they can be nurtured and guided in their academic careers. NSBE chapters support PCI through multiple programs.
A vital component of the PCI Program is NSBE Jr., which serves as the membership category for pre-college students and institutions that are officially chartered with NSBE. NSBE Jr. members and chapters are at the core of PCI, as they are the primary beneficiaries of PCI programs. NSBE Jr. focuses on enhancing the education received by African-American and other pre-college students underrepresented in STEM as well as influencing these students to become tomorrow’s corporate executives, entrepreneurs and other leaders. In this spirit, NSBE Jr. is the quintessential recruitment, teaching and preparation device for NSBE.

Check out just a couple of our sctivities that your child can experience as a member of our NSBE Jr. chapters!

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