ITTT is a dedicated Special Interest Group (SIG) aimed at the pursuit and the promotion of creative answers to critical questions in the IT world. The main purpose of the ITTT SIG is to serve as the voice of the Black community in the area of IT and foster relationships between Corporate America and ITTT professionals and entrepreneurs. The ITTT SIG has made some significant achievements, but we still have more we can do to achieve our goals.

IT Think Tank Special Interest Group Director

Damon C. Aniton

Damon is an IT professional with nearly 20 years of experience working in both the public and private sectors of the industry. Over the better part of 2 decades he has worked in a wide variety information technology positions ranging from systems administration to network design and implementation. Much of his time has been spent in D.C. as a defense contractor and for several major telecommunications companies.

In his most recent position with AT&T he is working as a network design engineer for AT&T Mobility. Damon is part of a team responsible for the design and deployment of the data centers that handle the entirety of the AT&T Wireless network. The focus of this work is on configuring and deploying cutting edge equipment from major industry vendors like Cisco and Juniper networks routers and switches.

Damon looks to use his broad experience in the IT industry to not just grow the IT Think Tank (ITTT) as an organization within NSBE and to increase its active membership base. Drawing in members from the IT industry who have either never heard of or considered becoming a NSBE Professionals member will be a key factor to increasing membership and participation in the organization.

For more information about the ITTT SIG, please contact Mr. Aniton at