Apply for the 2013-2014 Alumni Executive Board TODAY!

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Take the Challenge! Join the 2013-2014 Alumni Executive Board!

Greetings Family, You still have an opportunity to be a part of NSBE Professional history. Now is the time for you to step up and really represent and share leadership skills by becoming a part of the very first Professionals Executive Board (PEB) of the National Society of Black Engineers. The following positions are still open for the 2013-14 PEB:

-       Parliamentarian

-       Technical Excellence Chair

-       Publications Chair

-       Charter/Membership Chair

Please review ARTICLE IX - Duties of Elected and Appointed Offices of the Alumni Operating Guildlines( for a description of duties for each of the above duties. In order to server in these positions, you must be a member to be in good standing of the NSBE Alumni for at least one operational year immediately prior to operation year of that office.


If you aspire to serve in one of the open positions AND to be a part of NSBE History, please complete the 2013 - 2014 National Professionals Board Candidate Application and submit via email to by April 17, 2014.

For any addition questions and/or information questions, please contact Keith Humphrey at