Paying for Graduate School

Internal funding

As you compile a list of potential graduate programs, pay special attention to funding opportunities offered by your potential graduate school and look for additional resources elsewhere. If you have questions, contact your program of interest.

You'll want to know:

  • What does the funding package cover (e.g., stipend, tuition, etc)?
  • How many years of funding do you provide? Are there any restrictions or conditions?
  • Do health benefits extend to my partner? What do the health benefits include?
  • Does your university offer assistance for students with children?
  • Do you offer travel funds for conferences or research?
  • Do you offer emergency funds?
  • Does your program offer a moving allowance?

External funding

In addition to possibly providing money for school, applying for external fellowships strengthens your application. It tells the application committee you're driven. independent and committed. Find more information about external fellowships at

Federal Fellowships

Private Organizations