NSBE Jr. Resource Center


Atomic Candy Activity (Radioactive Decay of Candium)
Radioactive decay processes occur in accordance with first order kinetics. This simulation provides a simple example of the rate at which a radioactive isotope decays.
Contact: science_house@ncsu.edu
Phone: 919-515-6118
Grades: 5th - 11th
Availability: Nationally

Dirty Water Project
Civil, chemical and environmental engineers work together to make existing water treatment systems better, or to develop new water treatment systems. Some engineers design state-of-the-art seawater treatment system technologies that take water from the ocean and process it cost-effectively for safe domestic use.  In this activity, students investigate different methods (aeration and filtering) for removing pollutants from water. They will design and build their own water filters.
Contact: TeachEngineering@lists.colorado.edu
Grades:  3rd - 5th
Availability: Nationally

Harmless Holder
Invent a holder for six cans that's animal-safe, sturdy, convenient, and easy to carry.
Contact: No direct contact information is available, however linking permissions/guidelines are directly available on the site.
Grades: 4th - 7th
Availability: Nationally