PCI Best Practices Module

Six modules to assist NSBE Jr. students were created based on needs identified by staff members at WHQ who work with our pre-collegiate programs, and NSBE Jr. Chapter advisors from across the country. These modules are the end products of research conducted to examine PCI programs and services. Three of the modules are intended to provide advisors with sample math and science tutorial curriculum lessons:

These modules are to support students and chapter advisors as they begin their tutorial programs. They evolved as a result of direct requests from advisors for support in tutorial programs. The fourth module targets high school student and can be done with or without a tutor:

Advisors requested the fourth module because they often need students to work independently while they attend to the needs of others. The Self Directed Lessons Module is in a workbook format for students to have their own copy. However, it can also be used by a tutor or advisor as support in planning lessons for their high school students interested in college. The last two modules are for use of NSBE, Jr. chapter advisors:

These two modules provide advisors with research based practices and information resources focusing on how to create and maintain successful mentor programs and how to evaluate programs in general.

The modules are in adobe acrobat format and are designed for double sided printing. We hope you find them useful in supporting your NSBE, Jr. students.