Evaluation & Data Collection 

As a program, evaluation and data collection is an essential component of TORCH. This data is used both to evaluate the chapters and members participation in the program for the purpose of awards as well as for evaluating the impact of TORCH and making decisions on the future of the program.

The data to be collected of several different types:

Member participation:

  • Number of volunteer hours for members and chapters
  • The Volunteer Hours collection sheet is available here. This should be submitted at the end of the fall semester with additional data added (from other collection tools) included on separate sheets.
  • Qualitative descriptions of TORCH service at each chapter and conference

Participant Demographics

  • Age ranges of students
  • Number of students
  • Races of students

Impact Data

  • Pre & post surveys of participant knowledge & opinion of STEM fields
  • Evaluation of course topics
  • Evaluation of quality of instruction

AWFE: Survey - Response sheet
Informal Science & Engineering: Survey - Response sheet
STEM Community Training – Pre/Registration: Survey - Response sheet
STEM Community Training – Post: Survey - Response sheet