Region II Elections

Greetings Region II!

Thank you for your willingness to step up and serve the Hypest Region in the Nation! Before beginning this application process, please be sure to read the Candidate's Handbook thoroughly. If you cannot view this handbook, please email our Region II Parliamentarian at

Each applicant must complete an application as it will ensure us that the applicant (you) is prepared for the responsibility of being a leader. Each application should respond with respect to the position that they are applying for.

Please note the following documentation will be requested:


Letter of Recommendation: The recommendation letter should provide perspective regarding your character, work ethic, and potential as a leader. You should select a NSBE member who can speak directly to the aforementioned items.

Leadership Verification: Submit a stamped letter from your school's Registrar Registrar of University Official. The document should contain the following:

Enrollment status (Full Time, Half/Part Time)

Class standing (Sophomore, Junior, etc.)

Academic standing (Good Standing, Satisfactory Progress)

Degree program (Discipline/Major)

Professional Photograph (Headshot).

Applications for the Region II Executive Board are being reviewed on a rolling basis. You will be contacted by the Region II Parliamentarian to schedule your interview for appointed position applicants and vacant elected position after convention.