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Become a PDC Partner

Join us for NSBE's 2017 Professional Development Conference (PDC). Designed for both early-career and experienced professionals, the PDC serves as a springboard to propel the careers of engineering and STEM specialists to the next level.

The conference format is conducive to in-depth interactions with potential candidates and encourages more meaningful and effective recruitment opportunities with your future employees.

And, with attendance of 300 participants, your organization has the opportunity to interact with and recruit candidates in a smaller, more intimate setting.

Your support of the PDC will help equip African-American engineering students and professionals with the tools and tips they need to succeed and move their careers forward. For more information, please contact us via email at We look forward to seeing you!

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As a global leader in coatings, PPG works to provide meaningful opportunities and programs to develop students and help them learn and grow, both personally and professionally. PPG Primers is a program focused on developing our future technical talent and leaders. This 4-day program gives students an opportunity to build professional skills, engage with PPG leaders and learn more about working in the industry. Talent students from Primers will be selected to join PPG Prime, a developmental rotational internship or co-op program which starts in a student's sophomore year..... Making the world a more beautiful place is a big job....Let's get started!