By Julius R. Hudson, National NSBE Professionals Chair

Greetings NSBE Family,

My name is Julius R. Hudson and I have the distinct privilege and responsibility of serving as the 2019-2020 Chairman for the NSBE Professionals.  On behalf of the 2019-2020 Professionals Executive Board, we aspire to have a remarkable year and are excited to serve you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us throughout the year.  There will also be specific opportunities set throughout the year, to engage and converse with us via our social media and web platforms.  Please look out for these opportunities.

This year, your Professionals Executive Board will be focusing on 
Continuing the Path” on the successes from the previous year which includes, but not limited to the development of a scholarship endowment.  “Advancing and Promoting our Partnerships” internally with the NSBE membership will remain key.  Understanding without your support, participation and buy-in, we are limited in what we can successfully achieve.  We also will nurture and increase our partnerships externally with companies that are currently friends to NSBE, and companies who are partners for the first time.  Lastly, we will establish and define Repeatable Processes” so that each year it does not feel as if we are starting from the beginning.  Having these processes will assist in time management, functional ability and will increase time to strategize on long term goals for the society.

NSBE Professionals Members               
Engage your local chapter!  Be the local member that is involved in the successful mentorship and leadership programs that the chapter hosts.  Provide that exposure to recent graduates that come to your city looking to anchor down.  Support activities that introduce our elementary students to engineering and help us work towards our goal to graduate 10,000 black engineers annually by 2025.

From our regional leadership, look for structured partnerships to assist with NSBE Programming.  Have those candid discussions about financial support and assistance in building strong independent chapters.

Lastly, trust in your national representation.  Continue to provide input on membership and chapter successes and challenge the status quo. Always challenge us to do more while understanding that our goal is to support the 2025 objectives and will always be connected to the mission…

“to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community."

Julius R. Hudson, Life Member #​335​