Welcome to the 2020–2021 Operating Year of NSBE Professionals!

2020-2021 Pathways to Excellence in Membership

On behalf of the National Society of Black Engineers, I welcome you to the 2020–2021 operating year of NSBE Professionals. I am Kameelah S. Majied, PMP, and I am honored to serve as the 2020–2021 national chair of NSBE Professionals. The Professionals Executive Board and the Professionals’ regional and chapter leaders are committed to change, positive disruption and innovation this year. I have titled this year’s vision for the Professionals as Pathways to Excellence in Membership! Focus areas of our vision include:

- Structure and Standardization
- Innovation Communication 360°
- Financial Wellness
- Excellence in Programs Execution
- Membership at the Core 

This year, more than ever, our members are our top priority. Why? Members are the heartbeat of NSBE. My quote for this year is:

“Your greatest way to serve the organization is to be a member and embody the mission in all that you do”

Each of the focus areas above connect to your reason for becoming and remaining a member of NSBE, and your success in these areas demonstrates the excellence that comes from NSBE membership. 

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2020 initially forced the  postponement of our 46th Annual Convention (#NSBE46) then gave birth to change, as NSBE’s leadership decided to host the Society’s first-ever Virtual Annual Convention. The pandemic also forced the cancellation of the highly anticipated 2020 NSBE Professional Development Conference (PDC), which had been scheduled for August in Miami, Florida. Since the inception of our joint national PDCs in ????, the conference has continued to develop as a premiere event for our experienced NSBE talent. So, one asks, how do we fulfill the NSBE Professionals’ value proposition — “The NSBE Professionals inspire the next generation of technical professionals and serve as a catalyst for transforming the culture of engineering.” – in the absence of in-person events?


Let’s reflect back on the 1980s pop song “Let’s Get Physical,” with its double-entendre lyrics referencing fitness and being in the best physical shape. Well, I say, “Let’s Get Virtual”!!

For the foreseeable future, it is likely that all of our interaction will be either virtual or a hybrid virtual/in-person mix, depending on the status of the global pandemic. With these facts in mind, we have created a NSBE Professionals Virtual Dashboard, which has a full mix of virtual engagements for you to experience.



Within this Virtual Dashboard, you can experience all aspects of your membership. I welcome you to experience excellence within NSBE Professionals by taking opportunities to:

  • Reclaim your NSBE torch…. Rejoin us, and get reacquainted with the innovative pathways we are charting for NSBE Professionals.
  • Exercise your philanthropy in a meaningful and impactful way, to benefit our pipeline for Black STEM talent.
  • Experience and/or provide mentorship.
  • Discover ways to elevate your career and access your path to Getting to Next.
  • Enlist in one of our many training and development forums to boost your professional skill sets.
  • Experience an innovative way to network with our members around the globe.
Being a NSBE professional continues to be a rewarding experience for me, as this organization was the catalyst in my development into a 20-year industry maven in engineering, technology and business. Join me this year, to experience the change, positive disruption and innovation!

Looking forward,
Kameelah S. Majied, PMP
NSBE Lifetime Member #322

2020-2021 National Directives & Professionals Vision