Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I become a Sponsor?
Click here to begin the online sign-up process.

I want to sign up as an exhibitor at your National Convention Career Fair. How do I Register?
Only our National Sponsor packages include an exhibit booth at our Annual Convention Career Fair. Click here to review our Levels of Partnership and select the package of your choice.

How do I access the necessary booth information for set-up at the Annual Convention?
Click here to view the Freeman Quick Facts for Exhibit Set-up. 

Where do I ship my Exhibit materials?
Click here to view the Freeman Facts for Shipping. 

I want to partner with NSBE, but March is too late in our recruiting cycle to attend Annual Convention. How else can I participate?
Recruiting and partnering with NSBE is year round. You can find talent during other times of the year at our (6) Fall Regional Conferences, our Professional Development Conference in October, our Aerospace Conference in January, and our Leadership Conferences and Technical Professional Programs. The Career Center and offering scholarships tied with internships are also opportunities for your company to build a relationship with our membership.

I want to sign-up as a National Sponsor, but cannot pay at this time. Can I delay payment?
Payment for the upcoming 2013-20143 Fiscal Year can be delayed as late as February 14th, 2014. You can pay at the time of sign up or we can invoice you.
I want to post a job opportunity. How do I do this?
Please visit our Job Placement Center to post jobs to our online job board. Click here for more information.
My company wants to host a workshop at your convention. How do we sign up?
The Workshop Submission process is now closed.  Only newly joining BCA partners may be approved for a submission at this time.  Contact for questions/requests.

What address do I send my payment?
Payment can go directly to:
National Society of Black Engineers
205 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

How much is an extra booth at the career fair?
For BCA companies, extra booths are $2,500 and for Non-BCA companies, booths are $4,000

How do I POST JOBS/ share available job opportunities with NSBE members?
In order to post jobs/internships in our system organizations need to purchase a job package and then post the jobs within our system for our members to apply to. Pricing for the job postings are as follows:


Job Posting Prices  
Single Job Posting $250
Five Pack $1,000
Ten Pack $1,750
Twenty Pack $3,250
Purchasing a job pack is beneficial to organizations that intend to post multiples jobs within the year and each posting lasts for 60 days. More information about our job postings can be found on our Career Center. Click for instructions on posting jobs

How can I SEARCH RESUMES in your Career Center?
To Search Resumes you must purchase a Resume Database package. Our database packages combine resume database access with job postings for a more efficient recruitment effort. Prices vary based on access length and organization type:

Educational Institution/ Small Business/ Local and State Government Job Posting and Resume Access Package (Requires NSBE Approval for Purchase)

Organization Type Rate($) Length of Access to Resumes Number of job Postings
Corporate/Federal $4,000.00 30 days 5
  $10,000.00 90 days 10
  $20,000.00 6 months 15
  $35,000.00 12 months 20
Do I need to be a member to post jobs?
You do not need to be a member to post jobs. You simply need to create an account to log in and purchase the job posting package you desire. The New Organizational Accounts Form can be found here

Single postings start at 250.00. More information about our job postings can be found on our Career Center. Click for instructions on posting jobs.

Can the National Society of Black Engineeers (NSBE) send us CHAPTER CONTACT INFORMATION for recruitment?
To ensure that NSBE's network of almost thirty thousand STEM focused individuals can equally access the information about these jobs, we request that you post them to our NSBE Career Center. The individuals from the chapters you identified will then be able to search and apply for those jobs with ease.  More information about our job postings can be found on our Career Center. Click for instructions on posting jobs.

How Can I see people that have applied to my Jobs?
To see your applicants, visit the Career Center website ( and log into your account. Click on resumes and on the next page click your job seeker requests. On the ensuing page in the upper right corner there will be a folder icon with the word Applications next to it. That is how you will be able to see your job applicants.

Job Seekers:

I am a JOB SEEKER and I cannot log into your database?
Please contact to confirm that your membership for the current fiscal year (which ends July 31st) is active. You need to be an active NSBE member (paid your dues for this current year) to post your resume and search jobs in the database.

How Can I FIND JOBS through the Career Center?
The best way to find a job through NSBE is to post your resume in our Career Center where hundreds of companies have posted jobs in search of African Americans in STEM fields. Your NSBE membership provides you with priority access to those jobs.

Follow these 5 stepd to post your resume:
  1. Visit the NSBE Career Center:
  2. Click the “Upload Resume” button.
  3. Log into your NSBE Account (must be an active NSBE member)
    • If you are not active you can either create an account or renew your membership by clicking the corresponding buttons
  4. Click the Resume Upload button in the upper right hand corner of the page
  5. Select file and click save when finished!