Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the new Region IV Year 2019-2020

Hello NSBE Fam,

I'm super excited to be leading Region 4 Professionals during the 2019-2020 year. I am ready to build off of the great leaders that we have had in the past. My goal during this term is to ensure that the Region is serving as a true resource to the chapters. This will happen through: 

  • Chapter resources (Technology, licenses, discounts, etc)

  • Data collection and disbursement (collegiate, PCI, & Professional data for local chapters)

  • Regional Partnerships (Professional societies, non-profits, businesses, etc)


I have almost a decade of NSBE experience and my time as a professional has shown me that we need to update our ways of working. This year we are going to move away from "positional expertise" and into project based work on a regional level.


This means that we (chapter leaders, members, regional leadership) will have a project dashboard where anyone can opt-in to work on a project. For example, someone who enjoys data may opt in to "At large project" where they will view all R4 "At large members" and find a professional chapter that is nearby. It is solely in excel and could take 2 hours (45 min for people who are proficient in excel).


This transition is intended to mimic what works best with our Professional lifestyle. We have jobs, families, other time commitments so asking individuals to serve for an entire year is hard. This model will allow our region to stay energized, progressing and collaborating throughout the year!


If you're interested in getting involved, let us know! If you have current problems/projects that you would like to add to the dashboard, let us know!

Ashley McCray
2018-2019 Region IV Professionals Chair
National Society of Black Engineers