Region 1 Professionals,

ACCESS is granted in 2020. In spite of what it looks like this year and it’s been a bit hazy☺. I want to reassure you membership still has its benefits! You can still positively impact your community, grow professionally, and most importantly continue to increase the number culturally responsible black engineers and help them to excel in their academics. 

As professionals, we need to grow, guide, mentor and protect the next generation. It means being culturally aware of what it means to be black in America and persevere to change the narrative. And in our own way choose not to remain to be silent. It means we need to speak positively to impact students at all levels of society. It means not settling to be an afterthought but having a predetermined seat at the table. So, whether that is in front of the classroom, the courtroom or at the next board meeting, excel academically and professionally, the world is watching. Excellence looks like YOU! 

As a board, we are focused on our membership and look to engage with you at every opportunity. We acknowledge that we are in a state of transition and uncertainty, but know this also a season of opportunity and we are here to help. You have ACCESS. 

A-Achieve and Accelerate (NOW IS THE TIME!) 
C-Confidence to try something new 
C-Courage to try again 
E-Exercise Excellence 

Looking forward to a great term serving you! 

Your Chair, 
Angelena Edwards